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Steps for learning English words easily

Steps for learning English words easily

Steps for learning English words easily
Steps for learning English words easily

Today everyone is interested in learning the English language. Because it has become the most important language for education, getting a good job in big companies, dealing with technology, making friends from all over the world, and traveling abroad.

Maybe a lot of people find several problems during their learning the English language, but the most popular problem is teaching vocabulary and how to save it in their minds to use it in different situations in their daily life.

There are the most famous steps or ways to learn English vocabulary easily :

1- Dividing the vocabulary into small syllables

For example :
-Robot (ro /bot)
-Fantastic (fan/tastic)
-Interesting(in/terre /est /ing)
-Sunday (sun/day)

2- Using a lot of synonyms for the same word.

For example:
-Fantastic ( wonderful, great, good, attractive, nice, kind, cool, cute)
-Type (kind of, sort, form )
-Home (house)
-Park (garden)
-Holiday ( vacation, weekend)
Participate (share, take part)

3- knowing the opposite of vocabulary.

For example:
-Light # dark
-Similar # different
-Good # bad
-Safe # dangerous
-Beautiful # ugly
-Female # Male

4- put the vocabularies in useful sentences.

-Careful ( Be careful when you drive)
-Listen( I'm like listening to music)
-Beach (I go to the beach in the summer)

5- different between the similar vocabulary in spelling, but have different meaning and -pronunciation.

For example:
-Beach # peach
-Ad # add
-Adapt # adopt
-Brake # break
-But # put
-Berth # birth
-Sun #son

6- listening to the pronunciation of the words carefully from native speakers through

( movies, songs, programs, or news)

7- writing more than one vocabulary.

8- trying to use English vocabulary throughout daily activities

(in education, speaking with friends, or home )

9- Read a lot of stories, books, magazines, or newspapers in the English language.

10- linking words together.

For example:
-Cat (car)
-Door (floor)
-Cute (cute)
-Phone (photo)

11- linking words with symbols or characters that you love.

-Kind ( link it with the kindest person in your opinion) father, mother, friend, teacher......
-Talent (link it with your favorite artist, player )
-Difficult (link it with your difficult things in your life) football, Math, science......

12- learn vocabulary and its derivatives (noun, verb, adverb, adjective)

For example:
- regret (v), regression (n) , regretted (Aj).
-Speak (v), speaking (n), speaker (pro)
-Communicate (v) ,communication (n) ,communicative (Aj).
-Care (v), careful,(Aj) ,carefully ,careless (Av)

13-put one or two wards into a single ward to make one word.

For Example:
-Sun + day=Sunday
-Break + fast =breakfast
-grand +father, mother, = grandfather, grandmother
-bath, living, dining, class +room = bathroom, living room, dining room, classroom.
-High + school =high school.

14- learn the most famous Phrases in the English language.

For example:
-Take care
-My pleasure
-What's up
-Have fun

These are the most important and popular ways to teach English vocabulary easily. You should try to do them if you want to learn the English language.

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