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translate into Arabic from English

translate into Arabic from English

translate into Arabic from English
translate into Arabic from English

Hello dear friends and today we are going to talk about how to translate into Arabic from English.

Translation is a question matter for some of the non-native speakers from both sides of any two languages around the world
the united nations have made a special day to celebrate the role of language professionals and their efforts in translating.

the Arabic and English speakers.

Is it easy to translate into Arabic from English?
many people search on how to translate between two different languages. Some web pages offer free translation for documents, books, research papers, and even on social media platforms, others seek professional translation services when it comes to doing business and sending emails, and so on.
To be able to translate from Arabic to English we must compare the nature of the two languages first

Fundamentals of translation into Arabic

A typical translator who is aware of the differences between Arabic and English languages could spend hours translating few pages and adjusting texts for better understanding.

1- The Arabic language is rich powerful and full of synonyms and alternatives. People has begun speaking Arabic around the fifth or the sixth century.
2- Arabic has 28 letters while English has 26 letters if we compare sounds Arabic has much more sounds than English.
3- The way the sentence is composed in Arabic is different than English:
You say in Arabic (cut the boy the tree) but in English, you have to start with the subject always:
So we only can say in English ( the boy cuts the tree)
We say in Arabic (man old) but in English, we only say (old man)

4- Text direction from right to left in Arabic however in English text direction is from left to right so you might ask is it hard to re-arrange the sentence and the answer is no you can easily arrange the sentence if you have enough knowledge of Arabic and English.

5- You should know that the Arabic language has many dialects up to 65 different dialects as example: Egyptian – Gulf – Syrian – Moroccan -Sudanese. Not only there are dialects in different countries but there are also many dialects within the same country. In Egypt for example translators should be aware of what type of dialect they are translating from into English and be familiar with it.

6- In Arabic, there is a strict rule for masculine and feminine whereas every noun has a distinguished gender However in English, there are very few words with distinguished genders as king / Queen and so on.

7- Some articles like A-An don’t exist in Arabic example you say I’m a doctor in Arabic whereas you must say I’m a doctor in English.

So how about translation software from Arabic to English?

A search engine like Google offers a variety of language tools on their platform it translates documents, websites they also offer subtitles for videos, transcription, and pronunciation for almost any language on the planet the project Google translate was indeed a Kickstarter for the most recent Ai translation software and applications that exists now.
Translate from Arabic to English with AI software service like Google.
Google is the most used AI software when attempting to translate from Arabic to English but the question here is (is the google translation and its related applications reliable when it comes to translation from Arabic to English?)

In short answer No and not yet.
Google translation AI has developed a lot in recent years, still, it has some issues related to the lexical especially the literal and syntactic terms of the Arabic language.
A study was conducted to show the difference in translation using Google to translate from Arabic to English let’s quote what the researchers do in this experiment.
The following Arabic text example is a short, general text with
no technical or specialized expressions.

لم يكن ثمة ود واحترام متبادلان على الصعيد الشخصي يمكن أن يشكلا
خطوةً في الاتجاه الصحيح لتحقيق الانسجام في العمل على الأقل. ولهذا
بقي الجميع يتعاملون بحرص و حذر شديدين

( ,Dickens, et al)2017, p. 54
This text was translated into English by Brown (1996,
p. 43) cited in Dickins et al (2017, p. 54) as follows:
There was neither mutual friendship nor respect on a
personal level, which would make possible a step in
the right direction towards achieving harmony at work
at least. Owing to this, their dealings with each other
Continued to be motivated by overwhelming greed and
extreme caution.
The Arabic text was fed into Google Translate to
translate into English, and the result was as follows:
There has been no mutual respect and respect on
the personal level that could be a step in the right direction
at least to achieve harmony in action. That is why
everyone remains very cautious and cautious.

It can be concluded that the findings of the above
studies prove the inadequacy, ineffectiveness and
defectiveness of Google Translate when rendering
translations among languages as different from each
other as Arabic and English.
So should a translator depends on Google translate?
to a great extent yes if you combine the AI machine translation with human translation the idea is simple Google translates instantly without the need for time and long revision and editing. so a human being role is to proofread, correct according to context and use a normal dictionary to check the other meanings for the same word

the most recommended Apps for translation

1- Google translate

Google Translate is a famed translator app for Android. You will get the most output from it. It works offline. It interprets more than one hundred languages for you. The maximum exciting thing approximately this app is you may get the interpretation from the handwriting or any textual content drawings. Use your camera and take an image for fast translation.
you can download the google translation app from here

2- I Translate

If you're looking for one of the maximum famous translator apps for Android within the marketplace, iTranslate would be an excellent choice for you. It interprets loads of languages right away. You can use this app both as a translator and a dictionary app. It is very person-friendly.
Important Features:
Choose translation voice mode and listen to translations in girl or male voices.
It can switch between extraordinary dialects and produce vocabularies with special meanings.
Enjoy a properly-described Phrasebook – having more than 250 terms.
Get the Keyboard Extension, iMessage App, and voice-to-voice conversations.
It will provide you an App for Apple Watch.
You can percentage your favorite portion, records, and lots extra.
you can download it for android from here

3- Easy language translator

If you're an Android user and searching out the finest translator apps for your Android device, this is probably a suitable translator app. This app is very simple to apply. It can translate a couple of hundred languages, consisting of each textual content and voice translation. It can convert each speech to text and textual content to speech.
Important Features:
Fast and accurate translator.
You can concentrate on your voice within the system of translation.
Get the ‘Add to favorite’ alternative for destiny use.
You can proportion your translation with others.
You can keep and send the translated portion as MP3 also.

you can download it for android from here

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