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Modal verbs of obligation

Modal verbs of obligation
Modal verbs of obligation

 Modal verbs of obligation


Hello our followers and welcome to a new grammar lesson. We seek to teach you English by using the best methods of teaching.  

Today we have a very important lesson we will talk about modal verbs of obligation using the most popular modal verbs like:(must and have to).

What are modal verbs?

Modal verbs are verbs that are used within a sentence to assist the main verb. They usually have specific meaning examples ( can - could - must - have to - has to) and they are always followed by the infinitive verb form.

Examples of modals

1- I can swim. 

Can here express ability so we know that he/she can swim

2-  He might come late.

Might here express probability so we are not sure if he will come late

What is obligation?

When you want to make someone do something. You are forcing the law or the rules of the place on them. Therefore you are saying that he or she must or have to do something

Examples of obligation with modals

By using the modal verb must 

Must + inf

Must express obligation (very formal law expressions)

You must have a passport when you travel abroad.

Drivers must have a valid license.


We use must for strong self-obligation towards something

I must visit my friend at the hospital.

We must study hard to get high marks.


We use must for strong advice

You look so sick you must see a doctor.


Mustn’t + inf

Expresses obligation in the negative (law)

You mustn’t smoke inside the hospital

He mustn’t miss the bank payment.

Doctors mustn’t skip wearing face masks.

He/she/it Has to / I-we-you-they +Have to + inf

Expresses obligations from your side ) what you have to do because of a law or order or rule etc.……..)

We have to wear uniforms at school.

I have to get to work at 7 o’clock

No obligation sentence rules

When we talk about something that is unnecessary to do or not compulsory that means we don’t have to do this or it’s not forced by the law or the rules of the place. When we want to use the obligation in a negative sentence.

No obligation with modal verbs negative don’t or doesn’t have to

Doesn’t have to / don’t have to

Expresses something that you have a choice not to do

She doesn’t have to go to work on Friday

You don’t have to wear a uniform in this company.




Ahmad Elhendawy

    الاسمبريد إلكترونيرسالة