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British American or Australian Dialects?

British American or Australian Dialects?  

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British American or Australian Dialects?

Hello and welcome to all of our blog fans
Today we will talk about English dialects and raise a very important question towards people who are learning English.

What is the best dialect British, American, or Australian?

So probably as an English teacher you had been asked this question several times what accent should I speak British American or Australian?
The English language is one of the most used languages in the world with more than half-billion speakers in more than 60 countries.

How do dialects differ from each other?

Well a dialect is defined as a particular form of a language that is peculiar to a specific region or social group

So in fact not only there are 3 main dialects but also within the same country or city or region you might find several of different dialects of English.

In England alone there is around 37 different dialects for example Cockney Yorkshire Scottish Northern Irish and so on.

In America there are around 24 different dialects examples Virginia Hudson Valley Pennsylvania German-English and Gullah!

In Australia there is a huge difference in dialect and a great variation in English accents
Torres Strait Creole, spoken on the Torres Strait Islands, Northern Cape York, and South-Western Coastal Papua.

Final words

It's not very hard to adapt to a certain dialect if you live within the community that speaks it, you don’t need a certain English dialect to be understood among English native speakers just be yourself and speak the way you want as long as you pronounce words in the correct way of standard English a native listener will understand almost 99 percent of your speech.
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Ahmad Elhendawy

    الاسمبريد إلكترونيرسالة