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Egyptian Mummy Parade

The Egyptian Golden Parade

Last Saturday The Egyptians stood once again to prove to the world that Egypt is the mother of history and civilization.

It was declared that on April 3rd 22 of the world's most famous royal kings of ancient Egypt will travel in a sacred journey to the National Grand Egyptian Museum in Elfostat, Giza to be displayed in a new museum that is considered to be the largest archeological museum in the world build on 480,000 square meters.
The sacred journey began from Eltahrir the place of the old Egyptian Museum in one of the biggest Egyptian ceremonies ever held.
The kings were transported in a special ceremony in the streets of Cairo in order of their ruling time in a march known as the (Golden Mummy Parade)| more than five hundred participants among dancers and torch carriers lined up to honor the kings' parade on the way to the GEM or The Great Egyptian Museum. The capital of Egypt Cairo was the center of attention yesterday for this is the first event in the century to be held with these big celebrations and decorations.

The media followed Cairo yesterday and filmed this great event. social media was overwhelmed with videos, pictures, and live broadcasts on many platforms including Youtube. visitors from all around the world were coming to watch this unique event. Inside the showroom was the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Elsisi along with his prime minister and members of the ministry of tourism and other members of the government. The show was also attended by the Greek minister of tourism and the global tourism vice president.

The ancient rulers' parade is the most famous Egyptian celebration and it had a very special musical design. The orchestra played and the opera soprano Amira Selim sang the sacred Rhymes of the ancient Goddess Isis in the same language that was created by the old pharaohs more than 2000 years ago.

The most famous kings of ancient Egypt were transported through the route from Tahrir to Giza.
Pre-recorded shots for the Giza plateau, Luxor, and Aswan in tremendous festive lights and decorations. Among which king Rameses the second the Great ruler of Egypt in the nineteenth dynasty of the pharaohs and Queen Hatshepsut who ruled when the law at her time didn't permit women to lead the country. Among the Royals Also king Thutmose the third, king Ramses the third, king Amenhotep the second. All the kings and queens were carried on Golden Wagons designed on the old pharaohs style including the names of each one curved in Arabic

Ahmad Elhendawy
Ahmad Elhendawy
احمد الهنداوي مدرس لغة انجليزية ومحاضر كورسات اللغة الانجليزية. اعمل في مجال التدريس منذ 16 عاما واعمل مدون وكاتب في مواقع تدريس اللغة الانجليزية


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