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Easy English 10 ways to learn English as a native speaker

 10 ways to learn English

10 ways to learn English

In today's topic, we will talk about the 10 most important ways for you to learn English as a native speaker.

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It is spoken in more than 67 countries as their primary language and it's spoken by 27 countries as their second language. English is also spoken by a variety of businessmen and business owners all over the world.


The first way is to identify your learning personality. 

Sometimes you want to learn English on your own in the comfort of your home, so what can you do to do to achieve this? First, you should identify your learning personality. If you are an audial person who likes to listen then you should focus more on conversations that are simple and quite slow and listen to them. But if you are more of a visual learner who likes to learn by using pictures and watch videos then you should focus on videos that teach English through pictures and films.

 The second way is to learn by imitation. 


In this technique, you can learn to imitate the words by repeating the same words after English native speakers like American or British people.

 For example, an American may say “I wanna go now” so all you need to do is to repeat the phrase “I wanna go now” just the way you hear don’t stop don't think about what are the words just imitate what you hear.

Imitation happens at an early age to every one of us. When we were children we used to imitate what our fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters are saying  


The third way is to learn vocabulary through sentences.


 Never learn individual words, learning individual words will not help you, besides you won’t be able to produce full meaningful sentences in English.

The fourth way is learning the grammar of the English language.


 Now it's time for you to try to put a perfect sentence in English using the best grammar practice and the easiest methods you can find on the Internet. You can start building simple sentences together then move on to more complex sentences read articles online guess what! our article is the live proof that you can read English you can also try articles written in English online on websites like Wikipedia and try to understand them without using a dictionary

 The fifth way we have for you today is to seek help from a native speaker. 

native spaker

Ok, so in order to talk to natives, you can download applications that have native speaker’s chat rooms whom you can talk to and you can improve your language. Talking with a native speaker will help you greatly to learn the English language because this is a live chat with video call or audio call and will help you correct your pronunciation mistakes and to achieve better communication skills in English.

 The sixth way we have today is to read books and magazines that interest you or in your field of interest. 

magazines in english

As an example if you are interested in fashion you can start searching for fashion magazines in English and start reading them

The seventh way we have today is to memorize English vocabulary

memorize vocabulary

memorize  memorize always remember in order to learn a foreign language you have to memorize a great amount of  words I mean a great deal of verbs, nouns, adjectives and other vocabulary structures to help you build correct sentences and understand as many sentences as you can.

The eighth way we have for you today is to watch English movies without subtitles or with subtitles.

watch movies in english

 In this technique, you can start watching English movies first with subtitles in English and then without subtitles do not translate the subtitles into your own language it's not important at this point to translate every word you read on the subtitles rather you need to focus on the pronunciation of the words that you can read on the screen and how the actors are pronouncing different words in American accent or in British accents depending on what accent are you learning.

 The ninth way we have for you today is to pay attention to how people pronounce English sentences especially natives.


 Native speakers of English do not pronounce each word individually rather they pronounce a chunk of words together in a single stream of air so words in English are connected they have no gaps they are pronounced together and there are some techniques that happen when natives speak like dropping some letters or adding some letters

 Beware that English language has a lot of vocabulary words that contain one or more silent letters, do not attempt to write any word you hear unless you are certain that this word does not contain a silent letter or a part of a pronunciation rule

 When you memorize vocabulary in English try to repeat to yourself the spelling of the word while you are reading it, and try to memorize it letter by letter.

 Example if I am trying to memorize the word “globalization” I will divide this word into 3 parts glo /ba/lisation so you begin memorizing (glo) as g.l.o repeat it several times then write it down. Then (ba) easy part then (listation) repeat l.i.s.a.t..i.o.n now you have to memorize the words letter by letter.

The tenth way we have for you today is to write simple topics.

english writing

 As an example: “introductions” introduce yourself write the basic information about yourself like your name, age, date of birth, place of birth and marital status you can also add some information about your house, your family and your hobbies writing simple topics is a great way to enhance your learning process of English during the Beginner stage the

A final advice for our readers today is do not be afraid of making mistakes everyone makes mistakes so your mistakes guide you for better English pronunciation and better grammatically correct sentences. A lot of people will take the risk and involve in English conversations without fear of mistakes and that what makes you learn.

Ahmad Elhendawy
Ahmad Elhendawy
احمد الهنداوي مدرس لغة انجليزية ومحاضر كورسات اللغة الانجليزية. اعمل في مجال التدريس منذ 16 عاما واعمل مدون وكاتب في مواقع تدريس اللغة الانجليزية