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english listening techniques

In every language, there are certain techniques that help learners acquire the language more effectively.

When you listen to English music or podcasts or even watch movies
For learning purposes its important to pause and repeat certain parts it won't be effective for learning listening or pronunciation by watching an entire film or song or podcast.

What you need for effective listening techniques

1- choose a very short phrase that doesn't exceed 2 or seconds

You will be surprise to know that in 3 seconds a native English speaker can't say more than one sentence that's why we have to go for a shirt sentence.

2- ok you have now selected a very short phrase that is from a film or a song or a podcast.

3- Now listen to the phrase without reading it.

This will be effective only if you repeat the same phrase again and again Sometimes up to 30 times until you are sure that you hear the rhythm of the words and that they sound clear in your ears.

Example you heard someone saying


Ofcourse at this point in time you may have figured out some words in the phrase

Like the word go at the end of the phrase and some words are still unclear you can hear how they sound but you don't know what They mean.

 pay attention to the pronunciation and forget about the meaning now this is not Important to the successful learning process of listening at this stage

4- Now turn out to the text where you can read the phrase read the phrase carefully

Try to figure out which words have you picked up correctly and which ones have you failed to pick translate any words that you don't know into your own language using a dictionary

5- Now memorize the sentence and repeat listening to the sentence reading it along this time

6- Now listen while  reading the phrase for a few times now the last step.

7-Listen to the phrase without reading the text again.


What will you accomplish using this technique?

You will train your ears to listen to English vocabulary within context

Listening to the correct pronunciation of words inside phrases will help you understand

Native speakers and shorten the way of learning

You will acquire the connection techniques and the various techniques that

Are applied by native English speaker like dropping weak forms silent letters

And stress and intonation.

For practicing the real technique of listening watch this video from our YouTube channel






Ahmad Elhendawy
Ahmad Elhendawy
احمد الهنداوي مدرس لغة انجليزية ومحاضر كورسات اللغة الانجليزية. اعمل في مجال التدريس منذ 16 عاما واعمل مدون وكاتب في مواقع تدريس اللغة الانجليزية